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Courtesy Bus from Wellington

10256547_10152278166119667_1675167995848281413_n7We are pleased to offer a courtesy shuttle for the 90 minute ride between Wellington airport and El Rancho.

The bus will leave the airport at 12:15pm on the Friday, and will leave El Rancho at 2pm on Sunday. Please book return flights after 5pm on Sunday afternoon.

The Shuttle is free, but there are limited spaces. It’s first come first served.

Shuttle Registration is now closed.

Travel Reimbursements

Car pool reinmbursementWe acknowledge it costs some people a lot more money to attend Connect than others. And we are excited to be able to offer three different travel reimbursements this year.

The Upper North Island Group Discount

For Churches (in Taupo or further north) with 4 or more participants attending Connect.

A $50 discount will be given on the total registration cost for each multiple of 4 people attending.

The Upper North Island Carpool Reimbursement

For people driving in a vehicle:

  1. With four or more people in it
  2. Departing from Taupo or further north
  3. And has given a petrol receipt of greater than $50 to the reception desk on arrival at Connect.

A $50 reimbursement per vehicle will be given.

If you are travelling in a larger vehicle, for every multiple of 4 people you take, that same multiple of $50 will be given. eg, if you drive a van with 12 people from Auckland. You will be entitled to a $150 reimbursement. Just remember, we would need to be given a petrol receipt or a copy of the receipt totalling at least $150.

If your car isn’t full to receive the reimbursement, we encourage you to think about carpooling with people from other local congregations. Consider calling youth leaders you know from other churches and ask if they want a road trip with you to Connect.
Southern Presbytery Reimbursement

For participants flying from the Southland and Otago, we have 30 reimbursements on offer. To receive a $50 reimbursement

  1. Send the email confirmation of your flight to before 15 May.

Where is El rancho?