Making disciple-making disciples

discipleship Presbyterian Youth Ministry

Peter Cheyne was the moderator of the Presbyterian church of Aotearoa New Zealand from 2010 to 2012. His theme was Making disciple-making disciples

Peter says he chose this theme because Jesus’ parting words to the disciples were “go and make disciples” and it’s something he is passionate about.

Even though we might all agree making disciples is important, he says, we often don’t know what one looks like or how they are made.

“Many of us wouldn’t know where to start. It is not even clear that we know that this is our core business.”

Well Peter has put together a great little website site full of resources from around the world. can follow the links below.


Becoming a follower of Jesus.

The new birth.


Living as a follower of Jesus.

Growing to maturity.


Helping others become followers of Jesus.



Helping others follow Jesus.



Resources for disciple-making churches.