Scheduling meetings: Doodle

doodle Presbyterian Youth Ministry

Trying to plan a meeting with with other youth workers, ministers or church members is a nightmare. All of the back-and-forth emails about who is in town, or not, or who can meet after lunch, before lunch, catch me after church…

If you haven’t come accross Doodle, this is going to transform your work.

Doodle has simplified my meeting life and taken the challenges out of scheduling a friendly gathering. Their web based services has saved many headaches. Doodle is a simple time-based survey or forced-choice tool that manages respondent information online. Basically you set potential days and times for a meeting, and email participants. They go online, select the days and times they can make, while seeing other people’s responses. When everyone is done, you select a day and time everyone can do, and close the poll.

Another nice feature is, it can be connected to your calendar. For me this means I can see the potential days I have said I could do on my calendar, and when the poll closes, it is automatically put into my calendar.

Watch this video to see it in action.