Resources and opportunities shared at Connect

We had an awesome time at Connect 2015 at Ngaruawahia. Over the main sessions we highlighted a number of resources and opportunities.

1. Kahoot

Connect started with a simple interactive quiz, it is so easy to make your own quiz and run one in your youth group. What a great way to reinforce learning. And it’s free!

Set up your quizzes at

And particpants go to

2. Going Further

Find out full information about the Going Further Discipleship camp at The camp is for people aged 17-30 on 7-13 Feb 2016 at Orama, Great Barrier Island.

3. Sustainable Practices for Youth  Ministry

We want to help you churches think through some of the key issues of employing a youth worker.

We have created seven sustainable practices which contain beliefs and promises about the principles of employing a youth worker. For each Sustainable Practice below we have a narrative, questions, action points and resources.

4. Alpha Prayer Course

Another awesome free small group resource is the Alpha Prayer Course where participants with the help of six short videos journey through the Lord’s Prayer.

5. Bible Society Bible Month and Bible Literacy Research

Emma Dyer shared that it was Bible Month, which is all about encouraging people to set aside a special time to focus on, and engage with, the Bible.

She also mentioned that in March, the Bible Society undertook some research with Nielsen to help us understand what New Zealand children and young people know about the Bible. This research revealed that more than a third of New Zealand children have never read, heard or seen the story of Jesus’ birth. Two thirds can’t recall the story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den, and three quarters haven’t heard the story of the Good Samaritan.

But there was some good news too. Just under half of Kiwi parents think Bible stories are important for their children because they provide good values for life. And 40% of children indicated they’d like to read, hear or see more Bible stories.

Emma promoted the upcoming tour by Adrian Blenkinsop, the National Youth Ministry Development Manager for the Bible Society of Australia. Adrian will be going through the research in detail.

  • Auckland – 9.30 am Thursday 13th August (Carey Baptist College)
  • Hamilton – 9.30am Friday 14th August (HamSouth Baptist)
  • Welington – 9.30am Tuesday 18th August (Maungaraki Baptist)
  • Christchurch – 9.30am Wednesday 19th August (Canterbury Youth Services)

This training costs $20 and you can register here.

6. St.Luke’s Resources

Check out St. Lukes Resources: card sets, stickers, books and picture books used to enrich conversations about the important stuff in life—feelings, hopes, strengths, relationships, values, stories and goals.

7. Can I ask that?

Can I ask that?

Teenagers are tired of vague or nonexistent answers to their tough questions about God, the Bible, and Christianity. Just when they’re capable of diving into the deep end of their faith, all too often the church keeps them splashing around in shallow waters. As eight years of Sticky Faith research on teenagers has shown, it’s not doubt or hard questions that are toxic to faith. It’s silence.

You can buy the resource at Amazon

8. Laidlaw College

Looking for a place to study youth ministry?

9.The PYM internship

internship Presbyterian Youth Ministry

If you are interested in full time study, the PYM internship may work well for you. You work 10 hours a week at a church for the three years of your degree. The local church pays for your education. In addition you are supported by PYM through goal setting, skype meetings with the other interns, participation at Connect, Going Further and other PYM events.

Learn about the PYM Internship here.

10. Master Plan of Evangelism Reflection Tool

PYM highly recommends you read The Master Plan of Evangelism. We have made a nice little reflection tool to help you and other youth workers in your area to think through the concepts.

Master Plan Discussion Questions

Connect 2016

Well Connect 2015 was a blast, and we look forward to seeing you all next year at Connect 2016. 3-6 June, Wellington.

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