Be Still – free copies

We have a number of free copies of the Be Still prayer book by Iain Gow (Author) and Nat Tate (Illustrator). (value nz$14.95) To receive your copy email gordon@pym.or.gnz


A book of prayers, images and blessings that offer sanctuary for your soul.

We all need a place of sanctuary for our souls, an oasis where we can be refreshed, healed and nurtured by Christ, our Lord and friend, who said, ‘Come all you who are thirsty, and drink from me.’

Our hope is that through these prayers, images and blessings, you will discover anew the well-spring of God’s love for yourself and your neighbour; and find a deeper relationship with your Saviour.

What They’re Saying:

“[These prayers] are a breath of fresh divine air, blown in our direction on the breeze of a common humanity, a reminder that the way of Christ makes our hearts tender as it strengthens our souls.”
– Rt Revd Adrian Newman (Bishop of Stepney)