Justice & Action

The Justice & Action study booklet has been produced by PresCare – the partnership between the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand and Presbyterian Support – to help equip congregations to take action on family violence and child poverty.

Social transformation is the theme of the resource: what can we do as individuals, congregations and communities to bring about change for children living in poverty and families living with domestic violence?

The booklet came from the research commissioned by Moderator, the Rt Rev Andrew Norton, to enable the Church to speak out and have a voice on the issues of child poverty and family violence. Says Andrew: “I made a commitment to myself that I would not speak out on such issues unless churches up and down the country were equipped to roll up their sleeves and take action in their own neighbourhoods”.

All congregations have been sent copies of the Justice & Action booklet, and further printed copies can be ordered, free of charge, by contacting us on 04 801 6000 or email Assembly Office, noting the number of additional copies you would like.

Justice & Action Digital Copy

Download or view Justice & Action

For ease of downloading and viewing, the booklet is broken into four sections, which can be download using the links below.

Part I – The Church as an Agent of Change

Part II – Child Poverty

Part III – Family Violence

Part IV – Social Transformation: The Courage to Change

If you prefer a hard copy of the booklet, these are available to parishes, free of charge, from Assembly Office. Phone on 04 801 6000 or emailinfo@presbyterian.org.nz to request copies for your parish.