Kenda Creasy Dean NZ, Auckland (30 May – 2 Jun)

Kenda Creasy Dean NZ

Kenda will be teaching the main part of the Adolescent Development And Spirituality course at Carey Baptist College this year. She will be teaching the block component over the 4 days Monday, 30 May to Thursday 2 June at Carey’s Auckland campus. She will be teaching in particular the material around spirituality and faith formation in adolescents.

As part of the course and prior to Kenda’s teaching, Sam Kilpatrick will be teaching a 2 day block course on 10-11 March.

Carey are anticipating that there will be people who may want to attend just Kenda’s portion of the course, and not take the course for credit. They have agreed a special rate of $200 for anyone involved in youth ministry who wishes to enrol as an audit only student for that block course. (The full audit fee for anyone who wishes to also attend the earlier block on adolescent development taught by Sam Kilpatrick is $300.)

Course Info

MM6/768 – Adolescent Development And Spirituality

May 30 – June 2

This course will explore the process of adolescent development and its complexities and consider how a growing sense of spirituality might be nurtured during adolescent years. Students will learn about adolescent development, including biological and sociological perspectives, as well as some difficulties within the field of adolescent research. Spiritual formation in adolescents will also be explored, including theories of formation, research on the effectiveness of current models of faith formation, and key practices that contribute to spiritual formation in young people. Discussion and evaluation of the course concepts will occur in light of the students own faith stories and experience in congregations.

Kenda Creasy Dean

Kenda Creasy Dean NZKenda Creasy Dean is an ordained United Methodist minister and Professor of Youth, Church and Culture at Princeton Theological Seminary, where she works closely with the Institute for Youth Ministry.

She is the author of many books on youth and the church, including Almost Christian: What the Faith of Our Teenagers Is Telling the American Church (recipient of the Christianity Today’s 2011 Book Award and listed by Preaching Magazine as one of 2010’s Best Books for Preaching), and What Theological Education Can Learn from Youth Ministry—If We Let It (co-editor with Christy Lang Hearlson). She has been a speaker, preacher and teacher on 5 continents and with more than 50 denominations.