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Bible Jamming

When musicians ‘jam’ they play a song over and over ‘til it’s in the groove, thus the title of this approach to getting into a Bible passage.

Start in whichever way seems normal (first round is the most familiar to many) and use at least 4 of the suggestions below.


Believe? Videos

Bible Society distributed a creative new Easter resource to more than 11,000 young people attending Easter Camps around New Zealand in 2016. Aimed at helping them discover the biblical story of Easter from a different perspective, Believe? features four unique pieces of art from young kiwis.

The five panelled creative resource tells the Easter story from the perspectives of four lesser-known characters – the servant girl who caught out Peter in the courtyard, Pilate, the Centurion at the cross and the doubting disciple Thomas.


Bible Society – How young people use the Bible

The Bible Society is currently conducting a survey for Christians aged 13-18. The survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.

This survey does not take any identifying information from the participants, and the 30 questions are generally asking about bible reading habits, with a couple of interesting questions about social media memes that reference the Bible.

The survey is being conducted until 29 March 2016.

It will be interesting for us to see what Bible reading habits seem to be working in New Zealand. In the best case scenario, we will shape our ministries differently thanks to the results of this survey.

I would encourage you to get your young people to fill in the survey. If we can get 200 young people to answer the questions from a Presbyterian setting, we will have a large enough sample size for the Bible Society to produce results for Presbyterian young people, which we can compare to the national stats.