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Recommended Pay Scale for youth workers

The PYM Recommended payscale has been recently updated for staff being employed due to the recent increase in the Living Wage.

21-22 Recommended-Payscale-for-Staff-Working-with-Young-People

The Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand adopted the Living wage at GA2012 as the minimum an employee should be paid. The Living wage is currently set at $22.75. This is the minimum amount any lay ministry staff member should be paid.
In addition to the current living wage, it is recommended churches take into account qualifications, experience, responsibility and their location when determining the pay.

It is hoped that the pay scale will encourage lay ministry workers to work longer for churches and to get better qualified.

This pay scale ranges from $22.75 per hour for an inexperienced, unqualified lay ministry worker in a rural setting to an annual salary of $73k for a lay ministry worker, who manages a team of youth workers in a large ministry context in a major city, is qualified and has over 9 years of paid experience. 

It is recommended once employed, the lay ministry worker should be reviewed annually, with an increase in salary set on 1 July based on the Labour Cost Index to March, issued by the Department of Statistics.

The Buzz Sept

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In this month’s Buzz:

  • Alert Level Changes and Youth Ministry
  • Connect Online – 213 Sept – Successfully transitioning into and out of youth group
  • Discipleship Pathways – Online Youth Ministry Training
  • Key Leaders Retreat in Queenstown

Connect Online – Successfully transitioning into and out of youth group

7:00pm – 8:30pm Monday 13 Sept 2021: – via Zoom, from anywhere in the country. 

The stats don’t lie, many of our young people exit our churches when they move from children’s ministry into youth group and when they finish. These transition periods marked to moving into college and going to university are tricky for young people, parents and churches to navigate.  

In this super practical session the PYM team will share and explore helpful strategies for supporting young people, their parents and leaders at these important transition stages. We will also make sure you get the opportunity to learn from each other in our breakout group discussions. 

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