School Leaver Resources and Articles on the Web

Notes from video talk


We’ve looked through the different resources and articles on the web to help churches think about their year 13 students moving out of school.


Youth Train 

  • Prepare: A three part series for those planning on leaving home to work or study 



Presbytality is about connecting young people on the move with churches they can relate to in their new home. But mostly, it’s just about offering good old fashioned hospitality, linking young people up with a youth worker who will take them out for a coffee, give them a present, and be someone they can catch up with in a new city.

Transitions (Scripture Union) 

Transitions gatherings help equip year 13 students prepare to transition into tertiary study or work 


College Transition Initiative – a website dedicated to college transition. Very conservative American 


The Smooth Move  

A short film in 5 episodes about country-city transition for young people. Uniting Church, Grampians Presbytery. 

The Smooth Move 



Leaving home to study 


School leavers Toolkit 

Ministry of Education 

Advice, about housing, gettitng a job, finances for uni, taking care of yourself etc 





Five Easy Ways Churches can transition kids to college 


Six Ways to keep college students connected to the church 


13 ways to stay connected with college students 


How you can help high school grads transition 

Just general moving out from youth ministry – not that great an article