With the help of our regional youth enablers, we are excited to be able to offer all congregations a youth ministry consultancy service. This service includes reviewing your church’s ministry to young people, celebrating what is going well, seeking God’s direction for the future, and highlighting some areas to work on.


  • The 3-month consultancy looks like:


    7 steps


    Initiate Church and PYM make contact and agree to do a youth review. PYM will ask ministers and key leaders to think about the youth ministries purpose
    Engage First meeting with ministers, key leaders, youth leaders, youth, parents, church elder, (10-15 people).
    Discuss purpose(s) of the youth ministry, talk about the foundational principles and finalise questions.
    Survey PYM will send out three surveys, one for leaders, one for youth and parents, and the other for congregation and elders. The church will ensure at least 30 responses are gathered.
    Assess PYM will assess the data, create charts, make observations and create new questions.
    Discuss A second meeting with the same people as the first to discuss the results of the survey
    Report PYM will produce a report listing the assets of the church, some concerns and some action points.
    Review PYM will check in 3-6 months later to review the progress of the action points.
  • Seven Foundational Principles

    The youth ministry consultancy is underpinned by seven principles for youth ministry. By reflecting on all seven principles we ensure we are taking a holistic approach to the consultancy.

    7 pricnciples


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