lifechurch Open is a site where churches can access, download and use creative content for free. It includes much of the creative work that the staff at has done over the past few years and will be updated with new content going forward.

The content includes, but is not limited to, message series artwork, themed videos that are used to promote and brand a series (provided in full resolution), message outlines, and layered graphic files when asked why it is free, say they are passionate about changed lives and if there is even a chance that some of their creative content is useful to other churches in a effort to reach people for Christ… they are extremely excited about the opportunity to make it all available.

I tested it out, they have resources for youth ministries, children’s ministries as well as for adults. I found a nice little series, I downloaded a promo video, video loops, the notes, small group discussions. For the more technical out there; I have to admit I had some trouble viewing through Google Chrome, but worked with Internet Explorer (and they recommend Firefox).

This is an amazing website, with so much stuff done for you already. It is easy to get started, and I’m sure you will find something you can use.