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How will I become the kind of person that routinely and easily does what Christ did? Practices we build into our lives to help us remain open to the presence of God’s grace.

The basic philosophy is to change one’s habits. A habit is what one does without thinking and everything in life involves habits, learning to write, driving a car, and so on. Reacting in anger is a habit, as it speaking ill of another. By changing habits the indirect result is that our character is changed. As a disciple intentionally puts themselves in a position where their will is crossed (for example fasting or silence) then new habits are formed in their body. With the fall, our bodies take on a system of tendencies away from, or against God therefore the task is to form good habits in the body. That way our body responds to our will, and does not take us in a direction contrary to our will.

For information about why use spiritual formation exercises; here are the notes from a session Darryl Tempero did on this subject at our Going Further – in discipleship camp.

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