Southern Film Fest 2016


  1. Films must not exceed 5 minutes (300 seconds). Only the first 5 minutes will be judged.
  2. All entries will be based on the biblical theme of “sacrifice.” How you interpret and show that theme is completely up to you and your own creativity. You do not need to reference scripture or biblical stories if you don’t want to.
  3. Movies must be G rated. (Suitable for a “general audience.” i.e. children can view).
  4. Persons aged 25 years and older must not have any direct involvement in the creation of any entry (the role of Producer, support person, supervisor etc, for anyone over 25 is appropriate, but the editing, acting, filming, props etc must be done by youth!)
  5. All entries must be accompanied by the registration information on the Southern Presbytery FilmFest entry form.
  6. Films must be uploaded to VIMEO. Follow the instructions given to help you ensure the judges can access it.
  7. All categories will be judged against the Southern Film Fest Judging Criteria.
  8. Due to time constraints, only 1 entry per youth group are guaranteed to be shown. Please prioritise your entries. Others will be shown at the organisers discretion.
  9. Entries must be received by Monday 16th May 2016.
  10. All judges decisions are final.
  11. Don’t take it too seriously!! The main purpose of this event is too have fun and provide an opportunity for building relationships.


Brad Kelderman
Synod Youth Advisor
027 4998333;  (03) 477 7948